Cling Creative is Los Angeles’s go-to branded content video production company specializing in award-winning original branded content, social and recipe video production, product photography & commercial production. We make branded content that sticks.

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A video agency with a passion for content video production that tells a story.

CLING Creative was formed by 2-time MTV Movie Award nominee, writer, director and producer Zan Passante. With over 14 years of large-scale production for such brands as Nestlé, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Juicy Juice, Coffee-mate, SKYY, Campari America, Walmart, Post Cereal, General Mills, Dunkin' Donuts and Target, CLING makes content that sticks and does it with style and a style guide. We craft branded content production and commercials that are innovative, founded on design and with your brand’s core audience in mind. We’re inspired by imaginative thinking, pretty visuals and telling a uniquely creative story. We just do stuff right, do it on time, on budget and we’re a hoot to work with. 



"...In the latter spot, "Grass Court," filmmaker Zan Passante introduces viewers to Oleg, a long-haired ping-pong player wearing geeky 1970's sports garb. In broken English, Oleg explains that he excels at table tennis, but laments that his health has kept him from participating in more high-profile sports.

"If I didn't have such bad allergies [sniff, sniff], I would have played tennis, on grass court," he says. "But my court is on top of table. And my goal ... is to win."

— CLING's Converse spot write-up in ADWEEK



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“Working with Zan and the CLING team was easily the smoothest and most professional video production project of my career. CLING covered off on every possible detail of the production with precisions across the board. Throughout the pre-production process, it always felt like a great collaborative team effort between our two companies. Zan’s positive attitude, charisma, and top notch production experience really helped drive that team effort. We always had full confidence in the team with Zan’s direction, and at the end of the day our client was very happy (as were we), and the final product was absolutely perfect.”

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